Double Strap System & Kits

Mike Yee is a pioneer of the Three-Point, Double-Strap System, created by combining a Crotch Anchor (Point 1), Knee Strap (Point 2), Thigh Strap and Ankle Anchor (Point 3). Mike’s innovative bungee system suspends the thigh straps from the hull of the boat just below the gunnels and the knee straps from the bag cage. This keeps the straps in a hooped position, ready for a quick entry. By connecting the Thigh and Knee Straps, only a single pull is required to tighten the entire system, making it the fastest, most secure, and safest outfitting system on the market today. When properly installed, escape is fast and easy. 

You have the ultimate in boat control when you combine the Three-Point, Double-Strap System with a Mike Yee Pedestal and Knee Cups. This full position system provides maximum contact between you, the outfitting, and the hull of your boat. The transfer of energy from your body to the paddle and boat will be more efficient and fluid. All of these elements combined will enhance your skills, control, safety—and enjoyment! 

Double Strap System (Solo Whitewater)

DSDNA 01 Double Knee Cups 

CAS 01 Crotch Anchor
TSOC 01 Padded, Contoured Thigh Straps
KS 01 Knee Straps
KCD 01 Double Knee Cups
AA 01 Ankle Anchors

For Prices Check Our Price Sheet Page

DSSNA 01 Single Knee Cups

(Includes all of the above components, but with single knee cups.)
KCS 01 Single Knee Cups

For Prices Check Our Price Sheet Page

Full Position

PED xx Pedestal (specify height)
PED XL Pedestal Extra Large (specify height)
DS1 xx Double Strap System (your choice, above)
KCB 01 Bag Cage Kit

Determine price by adding the costs of the pedestal along with double strap system and bag cage kit.

For tandem whitewater set-up, order two full positions and a bag cage kit.
For triple whitewater set-up, order three full positions and a bag cage kit.


Installation Note: Adhesives are not included with any of the kits or individual products. Recommendations for specific glues and cleaning solvents are outlined in the installation instructions that are included with all products. When in doubt, please contact your boat manufacturer.

Mike Yee Outfitting

Mike Yee Outfitting has been an industry leader in supplying serious whitewater paddlers canoe, kayak, and rafting outfitting for over 30 years. Top quality materials, meticulous attention to detail, and real world paddling experience make Mike Yee Outfitting the only choice for experienced whitewater paddlers. For this reason you will find Mike Yee Outfitting in boats all over the world. So whether you have just begun paddling or are returning to equip your new boat with the best outfitting available feel free to browse the catalog and contact us with any questions you may have.

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