Mike Yee Outfitting Installation Instructions

The Following are guides to installing specific components of Mike Yee Outfitting, you should be fully aware of the safety precautions that apply to you and your equipment, and by using these instructions you do so at your own risk.

Installation Instructions (webpages)
Solo Double / Double Strap System
Center Cage System
End Cage System
Top Loading Bag Cage System
Tandem Outfitting System

Installation Instructions (downloadable docs)

Below are detailed instalation instructions in Microsoft Word format
Feel free to download and use them to install your Mike Yee Outfitting

Center Bag Cage(doc)
End Bag Cage(doc)
Tandem Tripping Bag Cage(doc)


Mike Yee Outfitting now carries Stabond glue, the only adhesive that successfully attaches vinyl anchors to R-Lite hulls. Re-attach your outfitting now with the confidence that it has failed for the last time

Vinyl patches can be directly applied to a composite boat using West System G-Flex epoxy

Mike Yee Outfitting

Mike Yee Outfitting has been an industry leader in supplying serious whitewater paddlers canoe, kayak, and rafting outfitting for over 30 years. Top quality materials, meticulous attention to detail, and real world paddling experience make Mike Yee Outfitting the only choice for experienced whitewater paddlers. For this reason you will find Mike Yee Outfitting in boats all over the world. So whether you have just begun paddling or are returning to equip your new boat with the best outfitting available feel free to browse the catalog and contact us with any questions you may have.

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