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Triple Strap System

Double-Strap System & Full Position Kits 

Bag Cage Kits 

Tandem Whitewater & Tripping Kits

Component Groups: 

The Pedestal

Knee Cups

Thigh & Knee Straps

Side & Ankle Anchors

Crotch Anchors

Bag & Equipment Rings

For Prices Check Our Price Sheet Page to place an order simply email

Whitewater paddling is an inherently dangerous activity. The user of Mike Yee Outfitting products is personally responsible for obtaining proper safety instruction in canoeing before using these products. The user further assumes all responsibility and liability for any injuries and damages that result from the use of these products. Mike Yee strongly recommends that all paddlers first seek training from certified instructors or reputable paddling schools.

Mike Yee Outfitting

Mike Yee Outfitting has been an industry leader in supplying serious whitewater paddlers canoe, kayak, and rafting outfitting for over 30 years. Top quality materials, meticulous attention to detail, and real world paddling experience make Mike Yee Outfitting the only choice for experienced whitewater paddlers. For this reason you will find Mike Yee Outfitting in boats all over the world. So whether you have just begun paddling or are returning to equip your new boat with the best outfitting available feel free to browse the catalog and contact us with any questions you may have.

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