Fun Hog

Mike Yee Outfitting, in partnership with Composite Creations, Echo Paddles, and The Complete Paddler is pleased to bring you the newest addition to the family of composite canoes (Echoee and Starlight). The Fun Hog is moulded from a new Dagger Caption, with subtle tweaks at the gunwale line to enhance performance and dryness. The Fun Hog handles with speed, agility and durability that canoes crafted canoes crafted from the new composite lay-up (Innegra/Bassalt exterior and carbon fibre/Kevlar interior) are known for.

The Fun Hog will be available with two standard pedestal setup-up options.  In the Fun Hog - Blast set-up, the saddles are installed in the Gemini position slightly closer together.  In the Fun Hog - Thrill set-up, the saddles are installed in the Serus position (more distance between them.  Both set-ups come with premium triple strap outfitting including tuf-tek thigh straps.

The Fun Hog plug and mould are set to be completed by Dec 2017. The first production run of 10 boats has been sold.
The second production run will be available for the summer of 2018.

Contact Mike Yee at (905)-649-1999  or Kelly at The Complete Paddler for details, pricing, and ordering information.

While waiting for the future take a glimpse at the past.

Mikey's Caption Fleet Below

Factory Caption stored for 15 years the new mold will be made from below.

Gemini Offset Race Caption below

One of four custom kevlar Captions made for US Nationals Race Class

Blast setup Caption with pumps and offset pedestals



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